Jaclyn Hill Palette Series: Look 2

I thought that as soon as I got the Jaclyn hill palette I’d be testing out new looks every day. However, I’ve been in a make-up free zone for quite some time now and have enjoyed going bare skinned and feeling refreshed. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good beat, I just haven’t been doing it nearly as much lately.

The other day, I really felt like doing my make-up and so I decided to work on look 2 for the palette series. This is a really simple but effective sunset look and I love how it came out, not to mention that I pretty much only used 3 colours (of course you can use any palettes/shades that you want).

So I hope you enjoy this sunset make-up tutorial!



Jaclyn Hill Look 2.2Jaclyn Hill Look 2

Step 1: I took the shade ‘Creamsicle’ (heavily) on a Morphe E23 brush and packed it into my crease as the transition colour. Although these shades are pretty pigmented, I added quite a lot of product in order to make the yellow colour as prominent as possible.

Step 2: I took the shade ‘Huntz’ on a Morphe M441 brush and packed this lower down in my crease. This gave a yellow/orange gradient to the look. I continued to blend this shade out and go back and forth with the two colours to make the gradient as smooth as possible.

Step 3: I took the shade ‘Jacz’ on a Morphe M506 brush and packed this shade all over the lid. This created the darkest shade for the sunset. I took some more of ‘Huntz’ to blend these shades together until I reached my desired effect.

Step 4: I buffed all 3 of these shades on my lower lash line, took some of the shade ‘Beam’ and put this in my inner corners. Finally, I added some mascara and the look was complete.


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