Jaclyn Hill Palette Series – Look 1

For my first look, I did what I was instantly drawn to in the palette, which was the beautiful colour called Jada. It’s a gorgeous kind of teal/turquoise/emerald shade all rolled in to one. It’s the perfect mix between blue and green and is so satisfying to look at. It’s a matte shade which I love and I knew I wanted to put this colour all over the lid.

So here is the first look I did using the palette, which is pretty much a recreation of Holly Boon’s look on YouTube.



P.s – the image of just my eye was taken when I practiced this look immediately after receiving the palette and the full face was taken a different time where I had altered some of the shadows used for my lower lash line. Also, the full face picture has a filter on which makes the lid colour look more green than it actually is.


Step 1: The Crease

For my first crease colour I took ‘Creamsicle’ (1) on a Morphe E23 brush and buffed it through my entire crease. Next I took ‘Butter’ (2) and a little bit of ‘Pukey’ (3) on the same brush and did the same, buffing it in making sure to blend it with ‘Creamsicle’. The last crease shade I used was ‘Huntz’ (4) on a Morphe M441 brush. I put this lower in the crease to add more depth.

Step 2: The Lid

I took ‘Jada’ (5) on a flat brush (one I bought from eBay) and packed it onto the lid. Then taking a bit of ‘Jada’ on my Mac 217 brush, I blended it in with the deeper colour ‘Huntz’ that I had put down in the crease earlier. This meant that ‘Jada’ blended out into the crease colours, adding a gradient effect rather than having a harsh line. Doing this did blend out some of the lid colour so I just went back and forth with these steps until I reached my desired look.

Step 3: Lower Lash Line

For my lower lash line, I took ‘Butter’ and ‘Pukey’ and blended them across the lash line, not worrying about it going too low. I followed that with a small amount of ‘Huntz’. Then I took ‘Jada’ on a very small pencil brush and blended it out as close to the water line as possible. I placed blue liner in the waterline and set it with ‘Jada’ (please be wary if doing this as shadow can fall into the eye very easily).

Step 4: Final Steps

Finally, I used the L’Oréal Baby Roll mascara on my top and bottom lashes and used the shades ‘Enlight’ (6) and ‘Beam’ (7) for my brow bone and inner corner highlight.


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