Photography Project

Over the past term of University, I took a Biological Photography and Imaging module. This was by far my favourite module as I love being behind the camera and capturing moments I can then treasure. For our assignment, we needed to complete a project of different images showing a story of a theme of our choice.

My theme was ‘Man Meets Nature’. The idea behind it was to show the interaction between the two. How when you go on a waterfall walk or just into the country, you automatically (well I do anyway), feel a sense of relief and serenity. It provides a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so it was a theme I was proud to attempt to capture.

I decided I might as well show some of my images and see what people’s thoughts were! Criticism is always welcome as I’d love to know what I could do to improve.

Love, Chloe.

Colour - EditEnhanced Movement - EditMaximum Depth of Field - EditPortrait - EditShape - Final EditStatic Movement - EditTexture - Edit



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