My Most Used Beauty Hacks

There are hundreds of beauty hacks floating around the corners of the internet, some extremely bizarre like using cutlery to contour your face and some more reasonable.

Here are some of my most used hacks,

What are yours?

Love, Chloe

  1. Re-hydrating Gel Products – I have had the ABH Dipbrow for months and I only use it when I go out. So, there are periods when I don’t use it at all and it dries out and becomes unusable. The easiest solution to this is to add 1 or 2 small drops of baby oil to the gel and mix it in. Make sure not to add too much as this can cause the product to become very runny, so a tiny drop will do.
  2. The Many Uses of Translucent Powder – If you want to do your face makeup before your eye makeup, set a thick layer of translucent powder under your eyes after doing your foundation and concealer. This way it both sets the liquid and if you have any fall out you can just wipe away the powder and nothing will be ruined. You can also use it when doing a cat eye. there are a number of different tips and tricks around like using tape etc. however, it tends to fall off if you take too much of the stickiness off or hurt if you don’t take off enough. Instead, take some translucent powder and put it where you want your eyeshadow to blend to. That way you can just wipe it off when done and still have the desired blended look. (this trick I learnt from Jaclyn hill)
  3. Keeping Your Oldie but Goodie Brushes – I have been using the same eyeliner brush for years (don’t worry I wash it regularly). I refuse to part with it because it helps me get an extremely accurate line and it’s small enough for me to have a steady grip. When you overuse a brush the bristles can start to fray and stick out all over the place. Instead of getting rid of the brush, just cut off the hairs that are stray using eyebrow or nail scissors.
  4. Creating A Matte Lipstick – if you have a lipstick that you love that isn’t a liquid lipstick or matte formula, then you can simply place a single piece of tissue (pull apart the tissue so it’s one ply) against your lips and tap it with translucent powder. This is a great tip if you have loads of non-matte lipsticks lying around. I’ve tried this trick a few times will some old lipsticks, but I don’t use it as often anymore as I just purchase liquid lipsticks instead.
  5. Different Liquid Liner Colours – If you want to do a different coloured wing liner, but don’t want to go out and buy new colours (student life), then you can simply use any liquid lipstick and an eyeliner brush of your choice. It works well and it lasts all day.
  6. Removing Liquid Lipstick – getting a good liquid lipstick means suffering the consequences of trying to take it off. Makeup wipes and micellar water certainly don’t do the trick for me. Take a bit of baby oil and rub it into the lips. It instantly loosens the liquid lipstick and allows easy removal. It can be a little messy but it works. I also tend to use a couple of drops of baby oil on my skin at night before my moisturiser to hydrate my very dry skin.

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