A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

There isn’t anything I dislike about photos. I love how photography has evolved, I love keeping (hoarding) photos and I love the memories behind each photo. My camera roll on my phone is full to the point where I have no storage and I have a one drive account for all the pictures I just can’t let go of. I am indeed one of those annoying people who constantly take photos wherever they go. Guilty. And before you say anything, yes, it’s important to make sure you’re actually living the memories rather than just taking a few snapshots and going about your day, but to me, I want to be able to look back at all the moments I’ve had. Whether I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps and need to remind myself of the good times or looking back at memories and thinking of how much I’ve changed since then. And just think, when you slowly start to lose your memory, you’ll be able to have proof of all the good times you had, even if you don’t remember what happened.

The point is, I got a little excited about getting my new camera sooo.. I went on a little walk around the campus lake and put my camera to the test. I loved the results and thought I’d share them. There will be plenty more photography related posts to come as I get to grips with my camera and start taking pictures of everything. Plus, I’m doing a photography module this semester and will be happy to share my work.

Happy snapping,

Love, Chloe

123456Camera: Canon EOS 700D.


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