Beauty On A Budget

I’m a student. Simple as that. I’m in debt beyond belief and will be paying off my student loans until the day I die. I only have time for a job during holidays and even then, what I earn usually goes towards paying off something else.

Brands are constantly coming out with new stuff and I always seem to find myself crying a little on the inside when I look at the price. I don’t know about you but I have many wish list baskets on different makeup sites, with items that I don’t necessarily need (depending on whose point of view you’re looking at) but want. However, I would prefer not to pay and arm and a leg for a single makeup product. If you’re one of these people, then drugstore products are your best friends. I’m constantly on the hunt for good quality make up that is affordable and will last me a long time. The majority of the make-up I use is affordable with a few high-end products that I treat myself to on pay day (this inner ‘treat yourself’ voice takes over on many occasions). Don’t get me wrong, if I won the lottery I would have a beauty room filled with high end make up. But until that day, here are my favourite affordable make-up products.

One last thing – I am in no way saying that the products I mention are better than high-end products, because the likelihood is that they’re not, but some are pretty damn close! Also, some of these products that work for me might not necessarily work for you.

Happy shopping,

Love, Chloe

  1. Foundation – I haven’t tried a lot of foundations in my time because I can’t bring myself to spend over £30+ on a high-quality one that may not suit my skin type or tone. As a person of colour, drugstore foundations can be quite difficult to find as there are limited brands that have products to match a wide range of skin tones. The L’Oréal True Match foundation in shade ‘8.D/ 8.W Cappuccino’ is my favourite foundation so far. It’s light-weight, has even coverage all round and is easily buildable. It feels good on the skin and matches me perfectly and, it retails for £9.99!
  2. Concealer – I’ve been lucky with my skin as I don’t get blemishes that often that need covering up. If I do, I use the LA Girl Pro concealer in shade ‘Warm Honey’. This is an amazing affordable concealer, creamy and easy to blend. You can get these at for £3.99! My main use for concealer is to highlight under my eyes. For this purpose, I use the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shade ‘10’. There isn’t a huge range of colours, but the product itself is only £5.99.
  3. Eyeshadow – The Morphe 35O palette is my holy grail. It’s my favourite eyeshadow palette so far. This palette is the definition of warm tone heaven and it will not disappoint. For the price of £22.95, you get 35 shades! That is £0.65 per eyeshadow!! I cannot stress how much of a staple this is in my collection. It has a range of matte transition shades as well as shimmers. Yes, some shadows are not as pigmented but for the price you’re paying, it’s to be expected. This product is constantly selling out fast. I got mine from One to add to the wish list!
  4. Liquid Liner – The NYC liquid liner is the only liquid liner I use. I’ve tried a number of different drugstore liners and nothing has compared to this one. It’s incredibly pigmented and super black, not to mention it dries completely matte, which is what I want in a liner. It also has an application brush that is easy to use. I don’t personally use the brush because I have an even smaller brush that I use for extra precision. You can get this liner on Ebay for only £4.50! (not the one with the felt tip pen applicator)
  5. Contour/Blush/Highlight – I’ve only used one drugstore palette for all 3 of these and that’s the Sleek Face Form Contour Kis in shade medium. I don’t use the palette much anymore because I have other products that I prefer. It comes with a bronzy blush, a highlighter shade, and a contour shade. This is a really good palette if you’re on a budget as its £9.99, however, it doesn’t meet different skin tones. Cool tone contour shades tend to look ashy on me and while this wasn’t extremely cool tone, there was a slight tint, therefore I wouldn’t use a lot of product when using this.
  6. Face powder – To bake or set my foundation/concealer I use two different drugstore products. The collection sheer loose powder is only £2.99 and I use this to bake under my cheek bones. To set the rest of my face I use the max factor crème puff press powder which retails for £6.99.
  7. Lip liner – I don’t have a favourite drugstore lipstick as I don’t tend to wear lipstick unless I’m going out. But I do use the Revlon Colour Stay lip liner’s retailing at £6.29 as well as the Maybelline colour sensational lip liners at £3.99.
  8. Setting spray – my favourite drugstore setting spray is the NYX setting spray in matte finish retailing at £7. They have a choice of matte and dewy finish so it’s perfect for if you have dry or oily skin.
  9. Brow products – I am a die-hard Anastasia Beverly hills girl so I rarely wear anything drugstore on my brows. I also don’t tend to do my brows unless I’m going out. However, when I don’t want to waste my product I use the NYX micro brow pencil retailing at £7 and the tinted brow mascara in shade ‘Black’ retailing at £5.50.



6 thoughts on “Beauty On A Budget

  1. Great post! You are not alone in this! Lol! There are so many women including myself who are in the same boat! I love makeup but have to settle for the Drug Store brands ( which I am perfectly fine with.) because I have kids and bills and debt I’m trying to pay for as well. I feel ya!


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