Goodbye Autumn

This is my very first blog post, and I have to admit that I have no idea what I’m doing. These first few posts are likely to resemble a newborn deer stumbling around trying to gain it’s feet, a bit of a bumpy ride *cue harry potter quote* but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it. 

My first post is wishing farewell to the beautiful season that is Autumn. It’s the start of December and officially the end of Autumn. Autumn is the perfect season for me (but before you ask, I don’t like pumpkin spice latte’s – sorry). I hate the heat, the idea of sweating makes me feel uncomfortable and I tan so quick that within 10 minutes of being in the sun, I will look like a piece of charcoal (no joke). But I also hate the extreme cold. Don’t get me wrong I love the snow and I love winter, but being cold to the point where I cannot feel my fingers and toes isn’t a pleasant experience. Autumn is the perfect amount of cold. Cold enough to wrap up in cosy blankets watching films and to go on walks in your favourite jacket, boots and scarves, but not cold enough to turn into a human ice sculpture.

Not to mention the incredible colours the autumn season brings. All the bright oranges, reds, yellows and even browns make for the perfect scenic photos. This season instantly means Autumn ( or ‘fall’) make up looks, the best of them all and my favourite make up looks to create! Red toned smokey eyes, copper creases and winged liner that could cut someone. A warm tone lover’s dream.

There’s something about the autumn colours that make you feel content and if you don’t enjoy kicking piles of leaves around like you’re 10 years old then you’re not doing it right. Autumn also brings the anticipation of Christmas. It’s not late enough to have to worry about presents, but it’s not too early to get excited and listen to music. Once halloween and bonfire night have passed, it’s automatically acceptable to get in the Christmas spirit (which I’m currently in now).

So enjoy these pictures I took of my favourite season. 

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter… 

Love, Chloe

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